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Trunk Music Lyrics

Album Name : We Run L.A.
Release Date : 2010-10-05
Song Duration : 4:14

Game Trunk Music

Yea, daaamn
You hear that shit?
F..ck is that?

Lil Wayne: The Cartel

Mr. what you got in that trunk?

Game verse:
Sittin on 28's
Stevie Wonder notice that I'm back on them low pros
could bring out the low low
but I been ridin big shit since my first solo
that's a whole lot of platinum, Interscope movin boxes
violate my probation I'm supposed to be Detoxin
still smokin like to S-N double O-P
D-O double O-G
nigga I'm rollin down Crenshaw boulevard ego trippin
33's on the Hummer, we call it Scott Pippin
is it that nigga that wont stop shinning
grinding, 9 in my lining
money on my mind and
I'm rollin with strong arm steady
cause I'm strong arm steady
keep my strong arm steady for any clique or squad
I hit em like A Rod
when the police pull over my car
they ask "Mr. what you got in that trunk?"

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