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Indictment - Believe Yourself Lyrics

Album Name : Indictment About the World of Man
Release Date : 2008-10-03
Song Duration : 4:38

Funebre Indictment - Believe Yourself

Open your eyes to see
Oh mouldy-minded people
And listen to me deceived millions!
'Cause I stand forward to question
The wisdom of world, to analyze
The law of gods and mankind!

I dip my forefinger into the thin
Blood of bastard religions
Slayer messengers, fanatic followers
Kings of slaves, true lords of wickedness

Watch the symbols!
What are they stand for?
Hate who differs!
Kill who differs!

I eject the wise ghostly remains
with bitter laugh from white graves
'Cause the hand of the dead cramps
the thoughts of living so long ago
And nothing of any lie
Can be accepted by truth

I look steadily in the eyes
of the frightful scaly-eyed gods
I lift my axe very high
And slice their worm-chewed skull

Onto the crumbled wall of
your most sacred doctrines
I write the flaming characters:
Here, see all of this untruth

Gods and religions are made by human
To explain the inexplicable
But why should we have to search
The reason of existence

Believe yourself!
There is no power beside you!
Believe just yourself!
'Cause there's no power beside you!
Believe yourself!

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