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About The World Of Man Lyrics

Album Name : Indictment About the World of Man
Release Date : 2008-10-03
Song Duration : 4:08

Funebre About The World Of Man

What did you eat earth, to thirst so much
To drink so much blood and tears
Who will solve this secret:
Can tears of mankind wash its filth?

What will the earth become? Frozen, burned?
I think it will froze at the end
It will be frozen by the ice-hearts
Which are inside and will lie within

What is shorter than a blink of an eye
Your life, my human friend
And what can you do in a moment
Conquering folks and lands?

If you gain glory, and great name
It dies with you and you will bring them below the earth
The nation will perish who you belong to
And this land dissolves into nothingness

Caducity is the king of kings
This world is his great castle
He walks inside up and down
There’s no place where he won’t go

Where he steps, where he spleen
All decay, they’re lying around him
Scattered: broken crowns
Sear flowers, broken hearts

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