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What Is It Lyrics

Album Name : Now U Know
Release Date : 2005-05-10
Song Duration : 3:43

Frontline What Is It

E-A-Ski CMT Frontline
Yeah Locksmith, Left, What is it Homie
MTV Battle y'all some God damn cheaters man
But that's all right it's nothing personal
We just gone spit at you a lil bit, Let's Get it crackin Lock

[Locksmith aka Blind Fury]
Now what do we have here a new kid reppin the bay
Making a name niggaz wanna step in the way
All of the bullshit and the stress in the way
It's enough to make you wanna get a weapon and spray
Give me the beef I'm happy to chew it
But understand I'ma man if we have to dispute it
We can take it to a battle and do it
I ain't a pussy main don't sweat vaginal fluid
But some of you fake dudes wanna start wit me
Like I ain't got no muthafuckin heart in me
If I offendin you nigga pardon me
But I don't think you really wanna a part of me
My skin is thick my blood is froze
You can look into the area above my nose
Ya see I don't f..ck around wit songs
Til I'm buried in the muthafuckin ground and gone

What is it?
Whatever you might want it to be
What is it?
Why you wanna hate on me
What is it?
I ain't even trippin dog
What is it?
I'ma show ya how to ball [x2]

I'ma quarterback like Rich Gannon main
And I don't do a damn thang but throw ya game
All that back talk man you should be shamed
I thought we left them thangs to mess wit dames
But dudes wanna chit chat dudes wanna gossip
Talk the talk but afraid to walk it
Since we been on tv I guess that we targets
Open to the bad guys you know who you are
People wanna hate the day because I say
That I represent the Lou in front of the bay
Ya'll made at me actin all crappy
Want ya get a slice of the pie and be happy
Alotta people want us to go away
Nope not goin nowhere we here to stay
I got kid to raise and rhymes to say
Plus a truck load of money that I got to make

[Chorus x2]

I don't give a damn where you from and where you be
It's gone take more than the beef to bring the heat
By now you should know I'm from the Oakland street
If you think about nigga it can get real deep
I ain't gotta fake and smile and show you love
I'ma cock back and pop and show you slug
F..ck rappin we can go all out
Man to man or we can bring all the turfies out
When you see me clear your thought don't think about it
Before it be extra extra read all about it
Don't doubt it I'm not that nice I do not play
And when I play it might be with an AK
I won't blink and I won't budge
I den been to jail before and back to war
I will cock it and let the steel bust
In a real game nigga get ya grill bust

[Chorus x2]

Frontline Frontline
We ready for war cuz
Haha Locksmith, Left, E-A-Ski, CMT
What is it?
Oh yeah MTV battle
Y'all some damn cheaters man

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