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Now U Know Lyrics

Album Name : Now U Know
Release Date : 2005-05-10
Song Duration : 3:32

Frontline Now U Know

[Asshole Records Intro]

[Chorus x2]
Why Why Why Why (That's Oakland)
Yee Yee Yee Yee (That's Richmond)
Hey Hey (That's Frisco)
And if you ain't from the Bay now your ass know

Now somebody told me not to rep the Bay
Why not? This is where I stay
They said we was dead and stuck in a grave
And living off songs we made back in the day
So i'm gonna take the book and start turning pages
And expose the fact that they stealing Bay shit
And I ain't talking about popping collars and slanguage
I'm talking about the moves they made to make it
Artist making labels started with P for sure
That's Bay, we all entrepreneurs
We all doing our thing because Bay niggaz ain't no punks
Distribution popping outta the trunk
Partner, and don't think we see the relation
Between radio, mixtapes, and compiliations
And how you come out here on our radio stations
And say you love the Bay but can't name the places

[Chorus x2]

Yo, we got a little dilemma, man
Niggaz are really bitter, they caught up in the mental, man
I'm in the middle it's about to give me a mental strain
Everybody's tickled but none of them niggaz get it, man
I know they just really wanna get rid of me
I'm not a victim, I listen as they belittle me
Then I just take the negative energy
Put it in my lyrics and spit it at my enemies
I disregard small affairs
Treat 'em like hopscotch and step all over squares
Scrutinizing me because I got the song on the air
But niggaz should understand that I belong over here
Yeah, nigga it's long overdue
They telling you different, then nigga it's far from the truth
In actuality, nigga, we starving like you
Nobody stepped up until we started to

[Chorus x2]

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