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Ship Of Beers Lyrics

Album Name : Meet the Family
Release Date : 1997-09-29
Song Duration : 2:15

Frenzal Rhomb Ship Of Beers

I've never been the type to travel on the sea
without at least a pint to keep me company
never in my dreams did I imagine that a vessel of this
nature existed for our pleasure, it's so hard to believe
that we will embark and to sail the open seas all the while
we will be accompanied by a sense of well-being
and a million lagers

Sail away on this ship of beers

The sea is getting rough, but we're oblivious
to the danger of the savage force of this
tremendous raging beast, we're
lying down below and dreaming of the land where the trees
are shaped like cans and we're wholly confident of
this craft and our inevitable descent along with the crew
and captain I suspect are sinking down into a drunken stupor.

Sail away

Something must be wrong the sea is very angry now
it won't be long 'till Davy Jones can claim me - hopefully
he'll fell like a cleansing ale after all he's only human.

Sail away on this ship of beers

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