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All Your Friends Lyrics

Album Name : Meet the Family
Release Date : 1997-09-29
Song Duration : 2:26

Frenzal Rhomb All Your Friends

Kicking & fighting that's what you know,
the way you're treated only goes to show.
That your popularity is all in your head, it's in your head.
No-one came round to your house today,
the phone doesn't ring, you think that's O.K.
It must be the weather or they had to go & visit their
grand mother instead.
All your friends think you're a f..ckhead
A good paranoia is what you lack
Your friends always talking behind your back.
Of course it has nothing to do with the simple fact
that nothing you say is of any worth.
There's always a challenge to see who leaves first.
Someone should tell you but we're all way
too afraid, to say that
All your friends think you're a f..ckhead
You thought that they were friends that you would
never lose, why
you're so charismatic when you're on the booze
Sometimes your friends behaviour is so
difficult to excuse.
To pay your bills on time well that wouldn't do,
You don't take your library books 'till they're
overdue-It's the only way that you will ever get
a letter to come to you-
All your friends think you're a f..ckhead.

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