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Too Many People Lyrics

Fred Small Too Many People

Too many people having too many babies
Got to love them babies but there's
Too many peopple having too many babies
Got to love them babies but it's out of control
Adam and Eve time on their hands
Hyperactive glands room to expand
Once they began begatting they begatted to excess
Eschewing tactics prophylactic now we're in a mess
Because there's
When Columbus sailed the ocean we were 400 million
Industrial revolution still under a billion
The Great Depression hit 2.1 billion
Now we're pushing the millennium 6 billion and counting
Civil wars rumbling refugees stumbling
Forests falling deserts creeping
Traffic crawling resiources depleting
Shoppers shopping for pleasures fleeting
When there's
Once I lived in the city it was too big and noisy
So I moved to the country to stop and smell the rosies
All my city friends joined me and put up nice new housies
Now it's too big and noisy think I'll move to the country
Some say no no no no it's not the population
It's consumption pollution unequal distribution
I say that's so but it's a simple equation
Pepulation times pollution equals no solution
When there's
If you are a child welcome to the world
This blue-green earth is your gift by birth
May you rock to it's rhythms may you sing it's anthems
And if you have babies please stop at two
Because there's
CHORUS (... please stop at two

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