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Friends First Lyrics

Fred Small Friends First

I wake up early in the cool of the morning
Magenta and purple over Casco Bay
Sleepless with yearning reason returning
I send you this song like a summer bouquet
I want to be

Friends first before we are lovers
Friends first taking our won sweet time
Friends first lay your head on my shoulder
Tell me your story and I'll tell you mine
We've both tasted the passion of reckless abandon
Drinking our pleasure like blackberry wine
Wakened in panic in the arms of a stranger
Darlin' let's do it different this time
Two aged lovers sit by the fire
A look carries meaning only old friends can know
A lifetime together come down to embers
And their faces are filled with the light from below
Tell me your bad dreams sing me your lullabies
When did you run away and when did you fight
Show me the caterpillar show me the butterfly
We'll get as close as the wind and the night

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