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Hazy Eyez Lyrics

Fatal Hazy Eyez

[Verse 1: Fatal]
Only 18, 18 lifes taken,
Front page news had the whole scene shaken
Wishin their mistakin, wishin you would waken,
What's even worse is these kats still snaking

Our hearts still breakin, don’t wanna face the demons
Caught up in the tragedy, tryin to find the meanin,
Tryin to find the reason why ur no longer breathin
I probably shouldn’t say this, but trust we’ll get even

I know your lookin down, with your crown, no frown,
They might of took your voice, but I’ll be your sound
This ones for the soldiers, who fell in the street,
Save me a spot, until we meet,

Again, on the other end, but always a friend
It's hard to say good bye so I'll say amen
Rip hazer, rip eyez
You’ll Never be forgotten, our angels in the skies

[Hook: Kidd Brix]
When I look up in the sky, I know you watchin over me,
I reminisce, you was like my family,
Man, My right hand held it down for me,
Yeah, you held it down for me,
When I look up in the sky, I know you watchin over me,
Reminisce, you was like my family,
My right hand held it down for me,
Man, I reminisce, you my family

[Verse 2: Fatal]
Yo I was just a youngen, you taught me the game
Tears pourin out by just hearin your name
Eyez 3-11, their still fear in your name,
And as long as I'm alive, they’ll be hearin your name, yeah

A real kat, even death couldn’t change that
But death took you and bro I can't change that
But still it's real, and I feel I can't take that,
Eyes blurry, as I'm sittin, thinkin, way back

Remising, the world to listen,
I got it all, my brothers missin
Cold hearted, cold hearted, from this life
But I'm drowned by the wrongs every time that I write

Yeah Lifes hard, I'm just tryin to keep my head up,
This life won't let up, Fallin down, tryin to get up,
Rest in peace, I know your lookin from heaven
Denver, Colorado yellin, eyez 3-11

[Outro: Fatal]

Yeah, Eyez,
Make sure it's crackin when I get up their homie,
I wish you didn't have to go but until I see you again I'm gonna hold it
Down and rep for you. RIP homie!

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