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Firebeast Lyrics

Fatal Firebeast

Spawned of fire from hell below
Earth splitting force and deadly lightning bolts
The beast waits to be unleashed

Pissed as shit he sits and waits
Planning his attack and plotting your demise
Losers flee from his wrath

Pissed as hell
Drunk as f..ck
Stoned as shit
Posers will burn


Ripping your flesh severs your head
Bathing in blood and eating your soul
Bodies will be torn apart

Skinned alive smashing your face
Drilling out your brains and feeding them to you
No one is safe from his wrath

We will rage
You will lose
To live forever
Is what we choose


Flesh begins to burn
It melts away
Exposing bone and your insides
Fall to your knees
You cant believe
Fermented guts rot before your
Eyes clawed away
Begin to bleed
Tormented screams that begin to
Cry out to him
Kill me now
Firebeast now reigns supreme

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