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Rule Discordia Lyrics

Deadbird Rule Discordia

To walk this path led only by starlight my friend
We've reached the edge of the sea
The end of all worlds

Shine, black, search
Reach back, earth

This life is a circle
Fall through the infinite void
Dream inside another dream
Past lives inforrm

Shine, black earth
Retract birth

Sun burns out
Night never ending

Breath frozen, vision bleak, a lonely star
Communicate across aeons, messenger
Related to the ground, a raging sea
A fire to burn away all that they've built
Reseal the ocean with the earth and sky
Volcano bringing all back to the first
Carried on tidal rise that beckons heart
A silent wind that blows a new rebirth

Circle all the way back round
Claiming time from all our lives
Laid back into the dirt again
Taken back home by the river's drift

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