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Something Like A Pimp Lyrics

Chamillionaire Something Like A Pimp

Thats rite chamillitary maynee hah you know southern playas we just keep it pimpin we dont pay thats rite.

Man im sumthin like a pimp (like a pimp) cause she's thinkin bout me while she wit him (while she wit him)

Man im sumthin like a pimp (like a pimp) bet you i could pull her on a first attempt, say she wanna bring some friends (bring some friends)

Work it out like you in a gym (work it out) Man im something like a pimp (like a pimp) The money stops then our relationship will end

Thats rite Im watchin a flik wit her tryin to get her to rewind Im serious bout my pimpin tryin to get her up in her mind

Her face look kinda fine but she look better from behind would of told her to turn around but instead its nevermind I need a dime Aint lookin for no nine, or no eight and that red lobster got your dirty mind thinkin wait who the f..ck paid to fill up your plate just for this time to be great But im interrupting your thought cause i dont buy

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