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See Through Lyrics

Chamillionaire See Through

You gotta believe in someone
No one better to believe in than yourself
"Poison", comin soon
Right now we just tryin to (Elevate)
I'm tryin to drop these two teases back-to-back
but for now we just gon' let it marinate
Chamillionaire.com is what you need to log on to
Don't say I ain't warn you

They say you gotta do different from the only way that you know
And the places where you make money is the only places they'll go
They love you when they in yo' state, hate you when they relocate
But bein real ain't somethin that I'm really tryin to negotiate
Some won't wait, they gon' say yo' play-callin too slow
And the other people that's in the gym just waitin 'til you go pro
See you can put 'em down courtside, you could sit up in row 8
He had a nerve to be still mad that he isn't sittin with yo' day
Hol' up

Be careful who you let lead you
You put your faith in the people
But then they alllll turrrrn see throuuuuugh
Don't try to hide cause I see you
I tried my best to believe you
But then they alllll turrrrn see throuuuuugh

Back in the day, when we just started mobbin
And that's way befo', groupies was even callin
One day you're broke, everyone wit'cha starvin (they starvin)
The next day ya blow, everyone think they ballin (mmmm)
Havin problems with no resolvin
Got a problem just move with caution (with caution)
Do you know who's destiny that you're carvin?
Are you walkin in the do' that just keeps revolvin?


Hol' up; we from the bottom, lookin up ain't nothin to decide
Cleo the Psychic turn out fake, you can't be too surprised
Superheroes shootin at evil out them new-ish rides
So heroic swear I got your woman dodgin suicides
The undisputed truth, it ain't no need to prove your rhymes
That's not a fact? Get on your Mac then you should Google mines
Remember when we said we'd never put on suit and ties?
Then we sat at brunch with Oprah's lawyer and got new advice

Be careful who you let lead you...
Don't try to hide cause I see you...
I tried my best to believe you...
But then they alllll turrrrn see throuuuuugh

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