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Mo Scrilla Lyrics

Chamillionaire Mo Scrilla
You know I grind all day, grind all night
I think it's time for some, it's time for some
Mo scrilla, mo scrilla, mo scrilla
Then we doing the same thing
The next day, same thing the next night
I think it's time for some, it's time for some
Mo scrilla, mo scrilla, mo scrilla
On my G-R-I-N-D

[Verse 1]
Take a look at my place, they calling me Will Smith
Cause the crib got me looking like I'm the Fresh Prince
If I lose it's all on me, I get my ends and don't stay
I be in LA in the morning, France the end of the day
I got a couple trucks that's mine and look like Optimus Prime
Transform another huge Chamillion, bank gotta shine
I'm like the dot in front of the hand, cause I'm ahead of my time
And if that line went over your head then you better let it rewind
She all in my pockets like she digging for gold
Trying to reach in for some money but that hand'll be closed
Critics think that all we talk about is candy and foes
To tell the truth how could I not with all this candy exposed?
Ya'll so far behind me and I'm so number 1
They say it's lonely at the top so this ain't gonna be fun
All you doubters that be shouting like you're slowing my run
Wait a minute mother mother, like I'm Polo the Don
Spotting that? Geila, probably spotting that Golia?
I'm so 83 of ya, I'm so 84 of ya
Black as petroleum, arachnophobia
Shooting spiders off the back and I'm holding a
Hand full of grain, remaining simple and plain
When you're riding in the 'Lac, feel like you're sitting in a plane
Cockpit and the drink, stewardess is a dame
Before I said I'm making noise, there ain't no muting my bank


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