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Let Them Wait Lyrics

Chamillionaire Let Them Wait

Ohhh hold up. hold up
Hmmmmmm hold up
Not of that this time
No hook, alright
You already know who this for

You know what would be so amazing
It be so amazing
For all the rappers in the game in
1 room and let the roof cave in
They gangsta till they show you the hood that they raised in
Talking like they invincible and bulletproof what they bathe in
Okk then, just say when
Presidents and no days in
You make a couple I'll make 10
Album coming be patient
Anybody that's faking
Pardon me cause this ought a be the wall I'll be ramming your face in
I'm too clean, thousands in my blue jeans
Paint switched like a mood ring
Let me ride in my new thing
Lazor lights in them blue beams
Money can't fit no rubberbands so I wrap the money with shoe
Blue navy, water looking too wavy
Ain't a need to go instagram when that's something that ya do daily
Everybody too lazy, or everybody fougazie
Do a show and jump off the stage
Slap you with more than they paid me
Everything that seem simples normally complicated
I made the millions but I still ain't told my mum I made it
And I manage me so anyone with buisness they got to hate it
That talk is cheap, that talk is cheap
So be silent when I'm getting conversated
How she tryna tell me she gotta 200 dollar requirement
When that prolly wouldn't fill up the tank in this flying spur that you
flying in
I ain't about to be sucking up and I ain't the person that made it cool
I ain't even go to the prom cause I didn't wanna wear gator shoes
Rest in peace to pimp c
I feel like it's the world against me
The worlds about to be mince meat
And it's true I really made history
But nowadays ya can't talk about it unless it's what ya did this week
So this time no talking bout last time
Make em respect that tag line
An empire that won't crash down
Ya'll talk about stunting like it ain't what I do with my pass time
Switch the rollie to the other arm like this the way that ya pass time
Mad grind, every rapper got chasitised
Bout the stuff that they rapping bout cause there's stuff to say in they
raps lies
See the trunk in my lac rise
Now she showing her backside
Telling me my paint wet as hell but feeling like it got baptised
That's wet enough my gas is never unleaded plus
I take my time and don't ever rush
They rapping fast but don't ever buzz
I'm better that the best ever was
Ya'll wanna bet then let's set it up
The last kid that tried to bet lost it all
Then maybe 1 of ya'll I'll have better luck
When I came up they told me trapping was the way to shine
I came up with the rap and called it lyrically inclined
Falsyfyinf fact tellers need to change there minds
Bein a lame and a faker that's the same damn crime
Houston texas og (that's me)
Listen to what I tell ya
Don't get caught up in no beef
Cause that probly will derail ya
Trust no one but your ownself
Trust in them will fail ya
I might lose but don't act like I can't afford the price of failure
Watching coming to america cause I always could relate
I'm prince hakeem with that semi but I'm never chasing no date
Feeling like the king of zamuda when I exit my estate
They waiting for my poison album I'm like let them wait

Hold up, hold up, hold up hahaha
Hmmmmmmm uh

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