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H-town Legend Lyrics

Album Name : Kato's Revenge
Release Date : 2014-02-19
Song Duration : 3:27

Chamillionaire H-town Legend

Hold up, hold up
Been snatching hundreds out of bankrolls
Been turning corners on you fake hoes
Been super trill in case you ain't know
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, I'mma
H Town legend, H Town legend
H Town legend, H Town legend
Kinda like Pimp, kinda like Bun, kinda like Face, and Devin
You are now in the presence of an H Town legend
[Verse 1]
I made a plan and then made the scrilla
Made a movie then made it bigger
Made the one they said was the man
Go switch up his plan and became the dealer
Back when Deion would play the Steelers
Back when Michael created Thriller
I been trill
You could listen to Bun and you could listen to Kirko
It wouldn't make you triller
Sitting back in my favorite villa
Smoothie on the desk say vanilla
I told my chick you put in work on this
It's like the perfect mix, it would'a made ya shiver
Fake is something I can't deliver
Shed a tear 'til y'all made a river
Y'all cry babies really need to let me be the one
To pick your new baby sitter
Ummm, I'd probably pick Casey Anthony
I hope they come take your family
I need to get my haters up
Because a haters really just a faker fan to me
I see through your fake philanthropy
A faker would hate to stand with me
They see that I'm stacking mail
Nut you lazy beggars wouldn't get a stamp for free
Embarrassments, have to pardon my absence
Cause I refuse to let you lil' mini-wannabes
Talk about me in past tense
You ain't baller, go sit on that bench
Merci beaucoup, I tell 'em that's French
Took one percent and put it in my kitchen
Now all my tables got cash dents
Used to move crates like this ain't narcotics
They can talk money but they ain't no grinders
Behind dark tint feeling like J Prince
Every time you see me you should say your highness
Now you in the presence of the H Town's finest
The main one that made the candy paint so timeless
Told me money talks, went into the vault
You can look at me and you can see it ain't no silence
[Verse 2]
Got the game from Lil O & ESG
E had the candy blue EXT
Wanted me a 'lac like Lil KeKe
Now I got more cars than a DMV
My was OG was DJ DMD
Repping for Hawk and Pat
Cause these wack rappers ain't seen me
I'm talking bout real life not PS3
Big Moe was the H Town's BIG
Club Oasis, I was VIP
I said one day I'll be an OG
Now the hustlers in the street tryin' to be like me
Used to send the product through COD
Police keep asking me to see ID
Slim Thugga taught me how to ride on vogues
But Pimp told ya that the G-A-M-E ain't free
Ugh, used to wanna be a baller just like Lil' Troy
Now I'm rolling in a car that some would kill for
Been a minute since ya seen me on the Billboard
Don't get it twisted, this the city that I built boy
Everybody always asking if I still tour
Anybody selling here will say I sell more
When they see ya really happy then they kill joy
Been a baller, so you know that I'mma still score
Had a slab so I went and got a roadster
Double seated so I didn't get a chauffeur
See I was really underground for a long time
Then I popped up out the ground like a gopher
Wait a sec I gotta shoot out to the Clover
Cause in a minute like Flip it's game over
I don't really wanna have to say I told ya
But wait a couple minutes and I promise you gonna know a
The Mixtape God, who could be against you?
I got you Texas and you know I meant to
Drop the album like last year
Cause I'm the dopest here and got the most potential
Merk instrumentals just with my mental
Use a pen and pencil like a utensil
Sharpen a pencil like it's a ginsu
Stick my weapon into your credentials
Ooh, kill 'em!

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