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Why Do I Watch The Dawn Lyrics

Cartilage Why Do I Watch The Dawn

the fear within, a darkened chasm of memory
a burial ground where my flesh is bound

scarred mind like stitches of illusions... rotten
embalmed mind, thousand decades of dream

rancid thoughts...
whispers of unjust sorrow
severd life...
i'm priosioned by me
'infinity calls
obscenities can't shadow
etheral bliss...
incision and i'll join thee

* i cast my my wordly flesh aside
to greet the spirits of those who died
and on my funeral no-oned cried
'cause all the pity i denied

lost souls haunt me till
the dawn that i watch
and mourn on my open grave
i've sworn an oath impure

infinity calls...
obscenities can't shadow
ethereal bliss...
incisions and i'll join thee

*"i look upon the brightening colors of morning sky
and wonder why it seems that i don't fit fitr in this world
[this world]
i have this urge to learn something new
anything that'll just quench this thirsty
[why do i watch the dawn]
i've found out, that in life there are no real answers
so i'll just have to die to attain knowledge to my... pain!!

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