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Ether Depression Lyrics

Cartilage Ether Depression

before my infant eyes, our universe opens up wide
pre-destined lifeline, administrates me from cradle to grave

peak of innocence, adolescence my fall from grace
ejected conscience nowadays in depression i dwell

aged, insolated in my realm solicitude is other world
prejudice rejection drains me from soulmatter
that is life so i'm numb an empty void unfulfilled

i want to taste life as it is
but with death i'm so far fed
so understand my bitterness
'cause i don't want eternal rest
the threads upon the loom of life
defiled now envenoming us
i crave for something that is pure
but just to reach that is unsure

blackened minds remain
compasion is denied
heads bow down in shame
even loved one's we decieved
restrained... drained

my misery remains
outer world i denied
depressions i gained
disgraced in my hastew
ashamed... deranged
before my dying eyes your universe closes me out
predestined lifelines mine is cut i rest inpeace...

Thanks to Jose Rivera for sending this lyrics.

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