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Menemsha Lyrics

Album Name : Hello Big Man
Release Date : 2008-01-21
Song Duration : 4:37

Carly Simon Menemsha

(Carly Simon/Peter Wood)

Peter’s on the loose
I’d like to see him again
I remember when
We made love
On the jetty in the rain.
When the fishing boats would
Come back in
At the end of the day
He’d run up the hill to my cabin
With a swordfish and he’d say:
“Girl I want you all over again?
All over again

In Menemsha, Menemsha
Menemsha, Menemsha

The sunset on the sound
Were almost too much to take
We would dance on the hill
With our friends
‘Til the morning would break
Everybody drank too much beer
In those days
Thank God it wasn’t whisky
Or we’d all be dead
And Peter and me we’d pull the shades
Everyone was interested
In Peter and me


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