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Nuclear Winter Lyrics

Caldera Nuclear Winter

Band name: Caldera
Album Title: Caldera EP
Website: www.calderamusic.com
Where You Can Hear The Music: www.purevolume.com/caldera

Nuclear Winter

And you never seemed to notice
That your life is just a flash
But you'll finally get to realize
Right before it turns to ash
Just wait
Sit around alone while you contemplate
Our fate
That is being sealed as a world creates
It's end
Take a bow for the show, you know that death is just
Our friend
For we all know the fight was rough but not enough
Take this time to see that your life is beautiful
Keep that in mind as others are taken
You're just next in line
Hope that death comes to you swiftly
Then you'll be just fine
Take your time to observe your place
You knew
Saw it all on the screen, but you couldn't decide
What's true
Take a look around, and see it'll soon
Be gone
With plutonium snow that'll quickly destroy
By dawn
Every word is just another nail in the casket
Just don't bother at all, who cares
Don't just hold your breath
Keep in mind, you'll come to find your
All mankind summed up in a splinter
And I just can't wait for a nuclear winter

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