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Blood & Tears Lyrics

Album Name : Blood and Evidence - EP
Release Date : 2012-09-22
Song Duration : 1:48

Caldera Blood & Tears

Band name: Caldera
Album Title: Caldera EP
Website: www.calderamusic.com
Where You Can Hear The Music: www.purevolume.com/caldera

Blood and Tears

You know me all too well, it seems
You've solved the labyrinth of my mind
Simply defied me like a child
Misguided me like I was blind
It is my fault I let you in
Although it seems like you're to blame
I was too weak to take control
And so I hang my head in shame
A thirst for which you cannot quench
A needle filled with blood and tears
An hour when your get your way
Means a lifetime of my fears
Let me turn my back for you
So you can stab me with these lies
Promise doesn't mean that much
Until it causes my demise
So take the blade I'm wielding
Strike down what you have made
Scythe me until I'm ruined
Bury what you've betrayed
I once was blind, but now its clear
I once was deaf, but now can hear
A screaming hate, this battle cry
Stay with me until I die
It was not right, but now it's clear
I will be the one you fear

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