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Bells Of Freedom Lyrics

Bonfire Bells Of Freedom

Easy come and easy go
That's the game we play
When they earn no tring to risk
Until our judgement day
The ..ium of broken dreams
The freedom's just another word
Slavery and death
On your wings of fame we fly
Till the day we die
And if there's no tomorrow
We don't feel no shame no sorrow
We just shouted out...

Bells of freedom, ringing in my soul
Bells of freedom, calling me the dawn
Bells of freedom, the glory and the fame
Bells of freedom, my heart is armed, my heart is armed
today- Today...Yeah!

Well, have all our heroes gone
In these modern times
Silence in the swamble eyes
And silent is the grave of you
And ever ending brain
Buried on the jars of dreams
There's nothing left to find
Tomorrow is like yesterday
We're living for today
Inteliation of the past no way out the dies cast
We just shouted out

Chorus repeat

I have no father, I have no mom...

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