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Sugar Mama Lyrics

Album Name : Drama
Release Date : 2008-05-13
Song Duration : 3:01

Bittersweet Sugar Mama

Could you open up your wallet ?
So I can peek inside
Do you have a car to drive and a job that pays you right ?
Cuz baby, I'm not the sugar mama kind.
Now I've had my share of actors,
And writers are a chore, musicians never pay the rent, I've seen it all before
So baby, I'm not the sugar mama kind

Now shower me with flowers
And buy me naughty things
The amazon could be so so hot or Paris in the spring....
It's on you babe, I'm not the sugar mama kind

Now the moral to the story is play your cards just right
And you won't be fooled by the playboy who'll just take you on a ride
Oh baby, I'm not the sugar mama kind

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