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Stolen My Heart Lyrics

Bittersweet Stolen My Heart

(Verse 1)
I want to hold you and care for you just like I would if you were mine I want to kiss you and love you and just be with you like a girl whoís found true love

I keep lookiní around but your the only thing I see everywhere especially on magazines I feel so invisible like weíve never met Ďcause every time I see you; you just walk right past me but still baby youíve stolen my heart

(Verse 2)
Iíve always felt babe that youíd be mine someday but lately that dreams falling apart. Why do you stay with her, Even though sheís just dating you for your money? Donít you see that I am tired of waiting I said youíd stolen my heart but now you are giving it back oh please donít give it back. Have I just wasted my time or is it my time to steel your heart too.


(Verse 3)
Sometimes I try to look for other guys but there is no one out there for me but you. You say that youíre alone and that youíve got nowhere to go well baby come to me Iíll give you a home right here in my heart baby please just let me love you Iíll give you the love she never gave please let me say Iíve stolen your heart Ďcause


(Verse 4)
Baby there is one thing you havenít done just tell me you donít care for me and Iíll leave you alone and my heart will be without a home just say you donít love me and Iíll leave

(Guy) Wait donít leave now I canít breathe without you here there is nothing left to say but I love you so donít go no not now
But I thought I was invisible to you I thought youíd seen right through me and I told you before that youíd stolen my heart but you just ignored me
Yes I know but Iíve thought long and hard and I have to say that you have stolen my heart too and I am sorry if I ignored you
I love you ohhh ohhh

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