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Seals Of Hate Lyrics

Album Name : Tempus Apocalypsis
Release Date : 2012-01-01
Song Duration : 3:53

Besatt Seals Of Hate

The first seal is opened
Lion with crest full of fire say
Come and see!

There was a white horse!
Its rider had a bow and a wreath
To conquer

The second seal is opened
An ox mighty like old like trees say
Come and see!

Horse came out, like fiery
Its rider was given a sword
To make war

Seven seals are opened now
From the book and god's sentences
World's history is closed there
The time of final war is coming

The third seal is opened
Creature with human face say
Come and see!

There was a black horse!
Rider had a pair of scales
And bring a famine

The fourth seal is opened
A great eagle flying say
Come and see!

There was a pale horse!
Its rider was named Death
Abyss behind him

Land of the Dead!!!

The fifth seal is opened
I saw under the altar the souls
Of martyrs

The sixth seal is opened
And there was a great

And the sun became black
And the hall moon became like blood
And the stars

Fell to the earth
There was a great darkness around

Land of the Dead!!!

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