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Trumpets Of Desecration Lyrics

Album Name : Tempus Apocalypsis
Release Date : 2012-01-01
Song Duration : 4:16

Besatt Trumpets Of Desecration

When the seventh seal was opened
There was silence in heaven and on the earth
I saw a seven angels with seven trumpets
Standing by the throne of rainbow
The eight angel came holding a golden censer
Sweet stench of incenses scent around
The eight one filled a pot with fire from altar
Cast it from heaven into the earth

Were lightening and thundering
And screams and earthquakes

The sound of first trumpet - a hail of fire and blood
To burn the third part of the earth
The sound of second trumpet - a mountain burning with
Changes oceans and seas to blood
The sound of third trumpet - and there fell the great
Name is called wormwood destroying the rivers
The sound of fourth trumpet - a part of stars darkened
Sun and moon to herald the night

The fifth angel sounded
He opened a bottomless pit
And there came a locusts
With power of scorpions
To make a pain and suffer
With their sharp stings
Men shall seek death
With gone

The fifth angel sounded
He opened a bottomless pit
Men shall seek death
With gone

The sixth angel sounded loudly
And four merciless angels were unchained
To kill all miscreants
Their armours were colored by jacinth and brimstone
And swords cutting like a wind
Heads of their horses were like a lions
Issued a fire, smoke and brimstone

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