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Life Under The Influence Lyrics

Average Mammals Life Under The Influence

Get me drunk and show me your beautiful side
Just close your gorgeous eyes
Lay here with me
Let me pretend to be happy
The world is partying tonight
I must be the only one, not having fun
I asked for a sign, it's here it's mine
It lights the sky and it leads me home
To bed, to sleep

Oh echoes, echoes, echoes, echoes, echoes in the distance
Oh, this set is reminiscent of that movie starring that one guy
Oh what's his name?
Oh f..ckin great, I'm too drunk to remember
Something, something, something, something
Well, it can only get better
From here

And you, yeah, you're such a f..cking slut
Well, I wish I could be like that but
I can't pull it off like you do
Preoccupied with
This underage addiction
I'm too young to fall in love
Choose your meaning
I don't care, I'm leaving
Goodbye and goodnight

Call me when you get a chance
I'll be sitting here going through the motions
Recapping every word
Each line gets more absurd and mistrewn
The more that I rephrase it
Like, why the f..ck did I say that?
Or do that shit, I'm so stupid

Down this drink and I'm out
Hug me like we're going out
God, could you tell me how this ends
Because you've known all along before it even began

So could you help me out
I'd appreciate it now
With lots of love
Your lost son

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