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Crossroads Lyrics

Average Mammals Crossroads

Well, I gave you all you wanted
I gave you all you need
But after all was given up
There was none left for me
And now I'm at a loss of money, at a loss of words
This world makes people funny when will you ever learn now

Now I'm sitting at the crossroads
I've been waiting for some time
Sitting in this worn down place
Just waiting for a sign
It's like I'm stranded on this planet
Lost without a clue
There is no f..cking point to this
But at least I've still got you, babe

Cause we're all just lost in this place
I'll find my way home
Or just make peace
With wandering

Yeah I'm blind, blind
Can't find the way
Walking aimlessly from day to day
It's like my future's uncertain
But I'm certainly learning
That nothing ever comes around to working
It's way out, no, it's never in your favor
All you can really do is sit back and savor
Every moment cause you know it might not be there tomorrow
And you're left there on the street, left there to wander

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