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Heavenly Ghost (Awaiting The Light) Lyrics

Alice In Darkland Heavenly Ghost (Awaiting The Light)

Assailed by the relentless flowing of time
I'm corroded by my thoughts.

Dark spheres of fatal obsessions,
Black walls of thoughts
Lock my essence up
Imprisoned by the darkness,
Codemned in eternity
To the infinity of my thoughts.

Shadows of my life,
Nightmares of my existence.
Reality of my reality.
Twilight of joy.

Twilight of joy,
Dawn of darkness.

Obscurity of my feelings
Brings my mind
To evanescent scratches of joy,
Now sad and distant memories...

...through time, through moments...
...through days, through years...

...in the most futile measures of sorrow,
In the completest obscurity.

Mirror of my life.
I await the coming of light in vain,
Tha joyful glitter of happiness
That few times in my dreams
I have perceived
And that never ...
I will be able to admire.

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