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Everything Lyrics

Album Name : Ultimamente
Release Date : 1999-09-24
Song Duration : 4:02

Alex Baroni Everything
Deep in your heart,
maybe you know what you want from me
Deep in your soul, that's the place where you can find me
I'm lost in your eyes can't you see how much
i'm needin' you so tell me why,
you keep asking if I love you When you know,
what I know you will surely understand it is it right
is it wrong, it doesn't matter if it's love when you feel,
what I feel you will surely realize it 'cos deep in your heart,
you know threre's the answer
Everything, you want from me is everything,
I do for you and
Everything, you want from me is Everything
and I do what I do for love that's the answer to the question
Deep in your heart,
there's hole that someone caused to you
Deep in my heart, you will find the way to fill it

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