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Blackart Masterpiece (the Triumph Over The Death) Lyrics

Alastor Sanguinary Embryo Blackart Masterpiece (the Triumph Over The Death)

My speech of after death
I wasn't false as now
I'm teaching you
There's no death to challenge my power

Hey! Necrotic Death
My Arms are yours
My ears are yours
For fulfilling thy needs

I see your face of the palest white increasing my fear
But beyond I know is nothing against the kingdom I am leaving

Necrotic Death
My arms are yours
My ears are yours
Now that I leave

What do you have to say if you know you know nothing
My true spirit is my knowledge that will stay within my disciples

Hey! Necrotic Death
My eyes are yours
My ears are yours
For fulfilling thy needs

As I convince better this voyage is one way
I understand the most my memories will never fade away

Remembering that day
When thou took me away
From this earth I ruled with my magic

I expect no savior
No god, no reincarnation
I was the master
I'll still be in my successors

Night forever
My kingdom is far
Scarlet carpet disembowels

My rancid flesh
I know you are eating
Is a valladie fashion

With the most perfect creation of mine:
I am my own Lord

Don't you understand you have no control
Of our forces of pleasure and sapience
Open thy Eyes!
The Death:
With that scar below thy chest
There's nothing you can howl

There's nowhere to hide from my non fisting fingers
Those made you cry

To die until the end of the time
It's to easy to read your mind

Thou art scareth to death
A simple human who cannot comprehend
How to pass away

The Human:
With this scar below my chest
And thou still feel thy own disgrace

There won't be a pleasure in mine
But seeing you failing again every time

I know my body is bound to this destiny
That grants you a simple victory

But there's nothing breaking at all the legacy
Which makes a prison for you in this world...

The Death:
Till the nightmare, it'll bleed it
Thy complete soul of the awful
And disgusting end of it all

Nightmare will come
Offering thy veins to the past history
And thy eyes of desire and wish
Will be sand in the bottom of the clock

The Human:
The night will fall as my life will fade
But my claw is strong the mark will keep alive
In the heart of men, evil never ends
Knowledge, open mind

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