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And The Fire Burned Cold And Black Lyrics

Alastor Sanguinary Embryo And The Fire Burned Cold And Black

Ea, The sky turns red and darker
The most glorious profane from thy art is ripping my
heart to say
Let me get through thy eyes of night and discover the
most of pleasure
Another voice of thine will be another land to
enlighten into thy nations
'Cause I know I have realized there's no fire that
shines so bright and so strong
I leave my own on thee to be another flame of thy fire

Ea, I know there's no heat greater
The pool of fire which burns down in hell is nothing
but a winter when thou manifest
Thyself for me, thy servant who is ready to be
I can't comprehend thy secrets of times but I know
there thou art and I worship thy shine
Which no one can see because the pain in the eyes and
the burning of thy wings of the blackest fire
There's no flame on earth and no power else to compare
to thy majesty, lord by excellence...

I endure to be by thy side lord of the obscure of light
I consume to be part of thy light... Make me the center
of the universe one day thou created
to reign over with power of chaos...

I do not care my soul's away in thee
Now I am one with thee and my fire burns within...

They're rising, they're moving, the shadows from beyond
Thy spirit flows anywhere, and thy presence fills with
"The noun of thy essence is the fire of hell but the
shine I see black from the souls of the dead"

Oe, thou'll be shining beyond the end of time
Shining as a black star as it emanates its cold thy
spell whispers in my ears
I am the one elected, and I must cast thy spell to
convert all warming fire into thy cold blow
Make my spirit stronger to transcend my weak man mind
and speed up as thy light I know thou master
"As a sword thy ice and as a void thy light
Because you made the fire burn cold and black"

Master of Evil and Power of Man...
Open up thy veins of sapience to build my crown and
reign in thy name

Open The Gate!!!
The Portal to thy knowledge...
Take thy crown. To build the Flame

Thou endure me, light to me. Take my self beyond
Beautiful landscape from thy fury. Nothing leaves thy
All the fire burned so black evil succumb profound
Decadence of life's beauty fades away as I feel thy
Cold and Black, I don't understand thy wings of fire...
involving the earth...

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