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Giddy Lyrics

Album Name : Ramshackled
Release Date : 2005-01-04
Song Duration : 3:13

Alan White Giddy

White Alan
(K. Craddock/C. Gibson)

Come on around to a bar downtown
Where the boys are boys
And the women get down to business
Where the barman's hip
He don't take no lip
and all the girls get giddy
When the ship comes to town.

Sellin' ince in the cellar
Cos the cellar's pretty hot
Makin' eyes at the ladies
Givin' everything they've got for you
Gropin' in the dark
Cos the lights are dim
When a blind man says
Your beer belongs to him.

Run down wind up on the street
Nobody wants a bum like that for company
Hold on slow down
Keep your head
What do you want to talk like that for?

Come on to my place
We can have a goodtime
Pass around the bottle and
Meet some friends of mine.
Take off your shoes
And let the time slip by
till the sun comes up
And it's time to say goodbye.

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