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Gentile Gentleman Lyrics

Album Name : Against All Odds
Release Date : 2009-06-01
Song Duration : 3:44

Aking Gentile Gentleman
Put up your defenses
those electric-fences
protect our gardens of garbage
best made men
like worms to a dead bird
flock into oblivion
I don't think that we've won anything yet
what are these rats racing against?
they just charge unquestioned
I never pay any attention

I never could punch straight through the door
more gentile than gentleman
not a lightweight anymore
my pulse slips
I'm taking care of business
when I look at what my wilted hands have sown

polish our pretenses
just to numb the senses
sweep the dust under the carpet
best love-wreck
your moods swing profusely
sweating the small things
we all say yes, yes in the end
what are these rats racing against?
I know that I'm just one of them

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