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Lonely Hands Lyrics

Album Name : Dutch Courage
Release Date : 2008-07-01
Song Duration : 3:11

Aking Lonely Hands
I've pulled a few fast ones
This time I'll stick around
Sister, I've shot my mouth off
I apologise
A disappointment repeatedly, I am well aware
That my observations lack insight
Much like my conversations
My motivations run dry
I break into the distance
I'll wear my shame on my sleeve
I'm shaking in resistance
Trying not to make a scene
Only lonely hearts know where lonely hands go
I've played a few good hands
This long line of bad blood hangs like a noose I wear with pride
I apologise
The degredation of being meek
I am well aware
It's suffice to say that a lack of foresight is dibilitating
This beholder is blind
Excuse the mess, excuse the awkwardness
I know you're not impressed
Regardless of my attempts to straighten-out a little
My absence of hope is second only to my absence of will

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