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Too Many Years Lyrics

Agresion Too Many Years

Can you please bring back what's gone
I don't wanna miss it, I don't wanna grow
can you please then take me home
I dont wanna feel that, that i'm finally lost
'cause it's my soul/ that I've lost
'cause it's my soul/ that I've sadly lost
know that...

practically I've got no one to blame
but I still f..cking hate you
because you didn't feel my love
so I didn't make it, I couldn't make it!

Really feel like going alone
to that place I stayed with this so long
it's my world of patience, I got enough patience
ahora ahora casl es hora
Too many years of addictios, incredible fictions
about me now falling , es siempre falling
it's the f..cking same song, that still
is sounding in my head
seed of contradictions, can you all
can deny all adictions, can you all

now I'm falling that i'm dust
only had a chance and I gave it all
I believe just what I saw
I believe that no one could then make it worse
and it's my sight/that I denied
and it's my sight/that now shows me the light
know that...

too many years of, contradictions

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