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Forget Lyrics

Agresion Forget

Didn't you say you knew me
Didn't you say you wouldn't go away
Early words of something that then I though we shared

Was it your reputation
Was it just that you never cared
Now you let me rot in here and pretend I'm dead

Nights I spent awake missing my last name
Here it's just a name
I'm the shadow of my parents
Where are you?
I'm drowning!

Now I'm out to hear you say the words you never said
Out to see your useless efforts to make me forget
...all those days

No pretendan ser quien creia en mi
Ya se quien es quien
You're the shadows of my false world
Where were you?
When I drowned

Where were you when I fell
When I was loosing faith

Base mi vida upon a circle of dust
Got blown away when I knew I was wrong
Cuantas veces me dejastes caer?
How many times did you try to delete...
That I was part of the family

Again, forget
Ya se quien, quien es quien

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