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Attention Dependent Lyrics

Album Name : Unkind
Release Date : 2013-03-19
Song Duration : 1:20

After The Fall Attention Dependent

And if these are lies
Pretend we're the attention
And we did it time
Swallow the douzine of your pain
What do you want, you had your mistakes
He's staying out, just get away
Move for your days, wherever you go
You won't stay the same, until the day
That you change
The devil calls your selfish ways
Take it all it's all up to you
Just with you, with 6 pack get you
It's so much what I want
'Cause they were for it
Only get to do
With you and yourself
Everyone else
It's what you do the best
It's what I'm like
And you're alright
Give it to me don't have it this way
Whatever you do, you will stay the same
Until the dead get you changed
You told her in selfish ways
You're attention dependent
You're a bad person
You think this right now
It's worse when you rent or resent
Baby then you'll regret
The things that you did,
And the shit that you said
It all comes back to us, in the end

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