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Livin' For Today Lyrics

Album Name : Stand By the Giant Turtles!
Release Date : 2009-12-26
Song Duration : 2:24

After Classes Livin' For Today

I don't think that I should think about the death
'cause I'm still not at death's door
I'll never forget this fact
Even if I'm on the floor

'cause I will never give up
I always look bright side of life
I will go along on my way and
I won't stay here!

I live my life
Yesterday's passed away
Tomorrow I'm not interested in
I'm livin' for today!

I don't wanna sit on my ass in my room
I don't want a boring life
I feel my life hurrying away from me
I want to live now! It's the time!

'cause I don't care for the sadness
I don't want to get madness
I wanna be glad I feel now!

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