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Jennifer Lyrics

Album Name : Stand By the Giant Turtles!
Release Date : 2009-12-26
Song Duration : 6:18

After Classes Jennifer

Jennifer was a girl
She was growin' up as an orphan
Her father raped her mother
And her mom died after she
Came into the world

And Jennifer was always lonely
And she was loved by nobody
But one day Jennifer left this world

Her soul is flying far away
She never cares about next day
She gave up all the dreams and fights
She may comes back, but never tries

When she was young she took
Drugs and drunk a lot of pot
After she got to know a boy it seemed so bright
But the boy beated her every night
He has raped her and she got
Pregnant by that guy

And Jennifer was always sad
And she thought life was so crap
But one day Jennifer left this world


Her baby died of abortion
Since than she didn't know her illusions
She was disillusionment and hated this place
She was sad and had no dreams


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