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Forward Motion Lyrics

Adequate Seven Forward Motion

At the brink and there’s confusion.
Keep getting hurt but I wanna be strong.
That’s what you said all along.
Knocked down, all wrong, its disillusion.
Get real pissed off by the lack of impact.
Good intentions, nothing back.
Popped some of that to stop the panic attacks.
Ready to break down and somehow stay intact.

Love won’t affect some people’s views.
Flat out refuse, we all get the blues.
What you gonna do, just blow a fuse?
That’s not the path that I’m gonna choose.
When I doubt with or without.
Yes I feel insecure.
Not my brain, we’re all the same
Of this I can be sure. Come on.

Forward motion is what we want.
The direction, we’re at the front.
Never thought I would compromise.
Break the deadlock, rise above it, end the lies.

We’re on stage, we become possessed
By souls of a tribe from another planet.
Like put us to the test, dance the hardest,
Nobody but ourselves to impress.
Only got one job to do:
Raise the positivity in the room.
All the fear that you’ve been through
I gotta make sure I don’t quit too soon.

I understand that it gets depressing
All the negativity is distressing,
Always thinking weed is the best thing
For me to take away the stress of living.
I just wanna shout
Leave my heart alone.
Now read the signs,
I’m not on my own.

Move your feet if you got this feeling.
Move your feet if you got this feeling.
Somebody’s telling me that you got this feeling.
Something’s telling me that you got this feeling.
Let me check that you get the meaning.

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