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Moment Of Reflection Lyrics

Abske Fides Moment Of Reflection
(...) Then a ray of light ablazes my reflection such as I can't determinate it anymore. Just the present moment: empty and cold; searching for answers and actions. Disturbed and counscient, the senseless astonished matter feeds indagation. For freedom I beg, anguished and ambitiousless. To start, the anxiousness moves me, and revolt seduces me. Then, despair and reality makes me cry. Comformed, I succumb to flesh, free for a while, the moment that doesn`t condemns itself, where everything is accepted and where brightness hits the most corrupted deceiver of wisdom. In vain... infinite circle, hurt the sovereign, illude the beggars, protagonist of changes. Unfortune, reason does not allow us, only darkness remain, begging the end, eternally... (NIHIL)

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