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Don't Hold Back Lyrics

Album Name : Where We Begin
Release Date : 2009-01-25
Song Duration : 3:29

Absentstar Don't Hold Back

Even though I see it never occurred to me
That I've lost my own mind
Then it won't take long to find
I'll put the past behind
With my best foot forward

Don't hold back when you're on the attack cause I welcome all you have to say
Don't pull your punches cause my hunch is the more that you talk the less you'll have to say me

At times I'm not the best
I never was too impressed
With the way you were but
It was better than the rest
I'll leave it all behind
With my best foot forward

We're bearing it all we're staring at walls to find a new horizon
We cannot give up
But forever is not enough time to decide if
We're just making rounds

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