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Pinky Lyrics

Album Name : The Naked Truth
Release Date : 2010-09-24
Song Duration : 1:46

Abby Ray Pinky

„« Well I was mad one day when I left her behind
„« I wasn¡¦t thinking too straight but I didn¡¦t think she would mind
„« See my husband pissed me off that day
„« So I hopped on my scooter and drove away
„« Well he called my cell about 20 minutes later
„« He said you better get home girl or you¡¦re going to replace her
„« I listened to him and said f..ck off man
„« And he said ooh women girly I¡¦ll be damned
„« Well when you get home girl your gonna be sorry
„« Cause I got pinky your favorite guitar
„« Sarcastically I said oh I¡¦m scared
„« And that¡¦s when I heard the papers tear
„« Well he started with songs and then he broke every string
„« And I said I don¡¦t care man cause I can still sing
„« He said get on home girl I got her by the neck
„« And then I heard a break and I said of heck
„« Pinky, pinky, she was my best friend
„« Pinky, pinky best friends to the end
„« Pinky, pinkly, that girl was my best friend

(Repeat 2 times)