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Death And Necromancy Lyrics

Abazagorath Death And Necromancy

Chaos is growing in my tomb
Grave garments removed - dried maggots
Before me dances the ghoul, Belial
Rouse me from my sleep, wicked profane evil

Clawing at an old torch
Grim teeth biting bones - dancing on my grave
I am a shade in an old place
Rouse my morbid ancient spirit

Lead me to a strange throne
Demon dancers thin and black
Spinal spikes and claws
Eyes red as embers

Cold foul stench
Black Metal symphony
Strike my skull with blood
In my claw place a sword

Medieval evil
Fire and wickedness
They shall fear the growing plague
Return of Black Death

Revolt in pestilence
Disturbed ancient rest
Lead me into this mouth of hell
Deep below the crypt

Words of power uttered
In a loud of ageless dust
Curses cast upon the false
Hatred spanning the centuries