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Buried In Hell Lyrics

Abazagorath Buried In Hell

Reek of blood fills the air
Broken bones lay crushed in ancient battle
Only decay, rusted swords and shields remain
To mark their graves in the frozen ground

Priests recant any knowledge
Unconsecrated ground, unholy and cursed
In the distance watch the corpses rise again
To avenge their bloody deaths

Driven by the undead pain
Beasts of war unrepentant
A day for revenge for the slain

Raging swords rip the desecrated earth
The reek of old death rises
The lust to rape and pillage
The glory of destruction and war

Fear in the eyes of the living
As death forsakes it's domain
Frozen in terror of ancient tales
The innocents pray to the bastard

As the eternal darkness sets in
In it's colorless pain
Cities necrotized
Wastelands lay among the cemeteries
Of disaster...

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