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Your Majesty Lyrics

Album Name : This Is What We Believe (Deluxe Edition)
Release Date : 2011-08-19
Song Duration : 4:48

Aaron Shust Your Majesty

Jesus, Alpha and Omega (Rev 22:13)
Lord of all creation (Matt 8:27)
Beginning and the End (Rev 21:6)

Spirit, ever present comfort (John 16:7)
Granting us a peace
We could never comprehend (Phil 4:7)

Jesus, conqueror of sin
With the power to rise again (Rev 1:5)
You're the victor over death (1 Cor 15:54)

Savior, Holy as You are
You removed our sin as far
As the east is from the west (Ps 103:12)

Jesus, King of every king (Rev 19:16)
The One who reigns in majesty (Ps 93:1)
Sovereign God, Maker of every galaxy (Acts 4:24)
Seated high on Your throne (Is 6:1)
The One who reigns inside of me
God who saves, we proclaim Your majesty (Ps 68:20)

Jesus, equal to the Father (John 5:18; 10:30)
Glory, praise and honor
Majesty and power (Rev 5:13)

Never leaving or forsaking (Deut 31:8)
Inhabiting our praises (Ps 22:3 - KJV)
In this very hour

And we have come to lift You up
We have come to lift You up
We bow before You
We adore You God
We adore You God

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