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In The Depths Of Sanity Lyrics

A.r.g. In The Depths Of Sanity

Falling to the depths of coma
No recalls away from deadly dream
Equipments try to breathe
And keep the body alive
Witchcraft of the physicians
Uncontrolled, ripped, torned, dead
Nothing matters in this unknown world
In this realm of hellish nothingless
Still hope of dawning morning
In the depths of sanity
Euthanasia, salvation
Will be long away
Suffer, my friend
To your very last day
Deathblow, your relief
And your suffering is past
Die, my friend
For your first day in heaven
Instinct seized to receive things around
Wires of life to chain the reality
Blood so black, arteries still alive and bound
Undead and dead, silent, wordless immortality
No salvation

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