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Back To Life Lyrics

A.r.g. Back To Life

Connection to life has been cut off
He's gone, interment awaits
Deathwarrant tells the cold truth
Of the end of the way through life
Morgue with silent friends
Keeps him out of deadly odour
Mutilation of inner organs
The final service to the medical science
One man's dream to refute laws
God has created
Serium of life, eternal breath
And you're never dead
One man's dream to blow life
To a dead candle
Mr. West, the reviver of the chosen ones
Bring them back, back to life
But is that dream or real?
In our dreams life's so short
Demented or genius
Short distance between two extremes
Continuance of your life
Could be in their hands
Don't trust your distress
Is ending in your death
Intelligence wins
The things you never dreamed before
Reviver of chosen ones
Back to life, is that dream
Reviver of chosen ones
Back to life or is that real
This rebirth deliver you
To your own endless hell